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To leave a legacy of a society with well informed and self sufficient people to maintain and improve the society for the success of all.

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Our main objective as an organization is to identify the potentials of individuals and connect them to the relevant pathways to enhance such capabilities for future goals and career opportunities.

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The Roles and Operational Responsibilities of Cradle Ventures Limited are as stated below;






When it was a choice about deciding between several Universities for my Master’s studies in 2005, the advice and guidance provided by the Director of Cradle Ventures, Dr. Sola Okhiria was invaluable, with her helping with school dynamics, settling down into life in the UK and University systems is second to none. I strongly recommend Cradle Ventures Educational Services
I had a wonderful experience at Cardiff Metropolitan University during my master’s degree programme in 2008. All thanks to God and Dr. Sola Okhiria who facilitated my admission, received me on arrival at Cardiff, ensured that I lacked nothing and settled down seamlessly. Getting a part-time job was also very easy with her guidance. After my graduation, I got a better paying job in the banking sector in Nigeria.
Julian Orji

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